“We recommend Giles to the voters as the better candidate. His extensive business career working in the energy industry in the Middle East gives him an interesting breadth of experience.”

“Dave Giles has the business experience and commitment to civic engagement that the people of CD 9 deserve. In an uncertain world, Dave’s experience in the Middle East is an asset that Congress needs to help secure America’s overseas interests without neglecting our domestic challenges. Dave also embodies the entrepreneurial spirit necessary for economic growth and development needed to expand opportunities for the people and businesses of CD 9. Please join me in supporting Dave Giles for Congress.”

On behalf of HPR Ammunition a member of and supporter of the NRA (National Rifle Association) and proud to say our ammunition is made by Americans in America and one of the largest small arms ammunition companies in the southwest and an employer of hundreds of quality jobs in the Great State of Arizona, we are pleased to endorse and wholeheartedly support Dave Giles  for Congress.

Dave now seeks to bring his knowledge, aptitude and zeal to the Congress, where his optimism for a better future and his realistic view of the problems we face is sorely lacking.  We can ill afford to miss the opportunity to elect him.

It’s time to take America back from  the economic elites who have effectively taken control of our Congress from us.  Our government only works for those economic elites.  It’s time, once again, to make our government work for us all

Dave’s leadership will move to restore the United States to a position of moral leadership in the World and  sound economic principles. Dave will fight for our liberty and the just course that our Founders fought and died for!

Lee Ploszaj

Chief Executive Officer

Pastor Jason 3

I am excited to announce my full support and endorsement for David Giles who is running for United States Congress in the ninth district of Arizona. I have personally known David Giles for twelve years. He is man of strong character, firmly anchored in his conservative values. I believe he will do exactly what he says he will do with great leadership and skill.

Vote Dave Giles.


Pastor Jason Anderson

“After reading Dave’s view on the issues that are facing our state and country, I am convinced he is the best candidate for Arizona’s 9th District.”

Doug Wolfe – Rockgate  Realty – www.rockgate.homesandland.com

Dr. Anoop K. Sharma, MD – Arizona State Urological Institute – www.asui.org

Jonathan Ritchie – Ritchie Ins and Fin Svcs Inc – http://www.jonathanritchie.com

Christopher Spear – Vice President of Operations at Infusionsoft

Ron Schott – Arizona Technology Council

John Hurley, MBA, PMP – Managing Director at Hurley & Associates

Michael Rohr, CPA – Senior Accountant, Corporate Accounting Services at Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Michael Davis – Services Specialist at Resource Guidance, Inc.

Arizona Republic on August 29, 2016 – Our View: Vote Giles

Matthew Perry – Chairman Arizona Young Republicans